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What is ACT WorkKeys?

Across the country, employers in all industries use the WorkKeys national Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) to:

  • Lower employee turnover
  • Reduce hiring costs and improve performance
  • Find better applicants
  • Increase hiring effectiveness

ACT has documented success of a wide variety of companies and communities that have benefitted from incorporating the ACT WorkKeys NCRC into their hiring and promotion practices. Read their case studies here.

The ACT WorkKeys assessment measures foundational skills – those skills that form the foundation of training and job performance and those most sought by employers, according to ACT® research. The standard assessments measure hard skills, such as math, reading and comprehension, and the optional Talent assessment measures soft skills, which are not typically taught in schools or colleges but are vital to virtually every job.

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Occupational Profiles

Search the 20,000+ occupational profiles available in the ACT WorkReady
communities database.

Occupational Profiles

Verify a Certificate

Need to verify a WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate of an applicant?

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WorkKeys Case Studies

WorkKeys has benefited employers in a variety of industries. Check out the ACT WorkKeys case studies to see the potential for your company.

Case Studies

Are you on board?

Join the growing list of employers in North Louisiana and around the country that recognize and support the ACT WorkKeys NCRC. Show your support publicly so candidates who have demonstrated work readiness skills will know you are looking for them!

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